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Faster Installation

The new frame can be disassembled to allow for installation in locations where it otherwise may not have fit.

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Economical Maintenance

Zinc-nickel plated components, a single-cylinder brake design, and a redesigned cooling system provide better protection and easier maintenance.

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Easier Access

Fewer mounting bolts, greater access clearances, and quick-release top cover fasteners make service faster and easier.

Asymmetric Flywheel

An all-new flywheel design features a deeper lower hemisphere, enabling the motor to be tucked inside the flywheel. This design reduces overall height and provides the most efficient flywheel shape to maximise performance per pound and footprint. 

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Built To Perform

Behold the first truly practical, and only modern, anti-roll gyro. Seakeeper is designed to virtually eliminate boat roll on vessels 23’ and up. It requires modest electrical power, has no outside appendages, and can be installed virtually anywhere on board.

Every part of the Seakeeper is engineered with extreme precision. The result is an extremely powerful, magical experience.

Advanced technology and control

Seakeeper’s vacuum encapsulation enables the flywheel to spin roughly three times faster, cuts flywheel weight by two-thirds, and halves power requirements. Because the critical components (flywheel, bearings, and motor) are sealed in a vacuum, they are isolated from the marine environment.

Seakeeper's active control works as smart technology, automatically gauging the sea state and reacting instantaneously. This allows for optimal performance at all speeds and sea conditions.

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